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Terms and Conditions of Use
This section is all about terms and conditions that are applicable while you use our website, content, service or any product provided on hindilookup.in. Note that, we can change these terms and condition at any time with or without prior notice to you. By using hindilookup.in blog, you accept and agree all these terms and conditions of our blog.

1. All the information of hindilookup.in website is solely meant for informational and educational purpose only. News, suggestions, opinions, replies and advice mentioned here do not replace the advice of your doctor or professional.

2. The remedies, treatment options, suggestions and advice mentioned on our blog are provided without warranty of any kind, whether express or implied. Ask your doctor or professional before using any information provided on hindilookup.in

3. Content, images, audios and videos of this blog are protected by proprietary rights and laws; hence you are not allowed to use them on your blog or website. Again, reproduction of the material of this site is strictly prohibited unless you have the express written permission of the website owner.

4. Keep in mind that statements or advice in the blog about products and services may not been evaluated or checked by any authorised organisation. So, if you rely on such suggestions it means you are doing it solely at your own risk.

5. By using hindilookup, you agree that in no event we shall be liable to you or anyone else for injury, death, caused due to your use or misuse of the information provided on this website.

6. While using this site, you agree that you only will be responsible for any damage and consequences caused due to any treatment, suggestions, news, dietary advice and procedure provided on this site,

7. In case you do not agree with our”terms of use”, please do not use this website or access the information given by us.

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